Recreation-style Dufan


Recreation-style Dufan

 Hallo. My name is Amel. I am your tour guide today. Soon we will travel to the amusement park fantasy worl. Before you go there it’s good to listen what I will explain about Dufan.

World Fantasy or often called the largest entertainment Dufan Jakarta is interesting . Dufan located in Taman Impian Jaya Ancol , North Jakarta is becoming recreational destination for residents of Jakarta , Jakarta and foreign tourists outside . Although these attractions have frequently visited , but visitors will not be bored to visit it again . For the tourists , although in his native country are recreational areas with Dufan same concept , but it never hurts to try these attractions . Because at affordable prices , so every visitor will be able to enjoy all the available rides .

Dufan , there are a variety of games that can trigger adrenaline visitors. No need to fear for your adrenaline , because the game has been secured with high technology . For example, Tornado , when you boarded the vehicle , your body will be played many times at high speed . Halilintar will also boost your adrenaline , by riding railroad cars were available , this train will run with very high speed , and cornering quickly and will rotate with the peak position is facing the ground .

There are also games ready wet . For example, Arung Jeram. With a circular boat , you will feel the flow of the river rafting rapids and surrounded by rocks . The boat will continue to spin and the water flow will hit your body and make it wet . There is also a Niagara , as well as lightning , but the boat ride in the form of a lump of wood you are going to walk towards the cave -style Indian society , then the boat will rise as high as 30 meters and the high jump with a speed that makes you exposed to splashes of water that makes you wet .

To relax , there is also a vehicle that can be tried . Istana Boneka will be your favorite for relaxing . Because in this vehicle with a boat , you see hundreds of robotic dolls from various tribes in Indonesia and around the world with his trademark clothes and respectively .

When the sun sets , you can ride the Bianglala rides windmill , with boarded the vehicle , you can see all the rides and buildings that exist around Dufan and also see the beauty of the city at night .

Okay. How do you feel after visiting Dufan ? Do you follow my recommendations to try ride the rides that I mentioned earlier ? Hopefully your fun and addictive to visit again if you’re in Jakarta. I say thank you for entrusting me as your tour guide this time.

See you 🙂 Bye Bye ..


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